The CTA's single file escalators make me nervous...

Especially when I'm in high heels, which is almost all of the time.

And especially when there is a train waiting.

And there is a man right behind me screaming "HOLD THE TRAIN. HOLD THE TRAIN. HOLD THE TRAIN."

And, yes, I've done three half marathons but never in heels while carrying a tote bag down a moving escalator.

He missed the train.

I felt terrible.

I took a seat. 

He walked up to me and I was absolutely certain he was going to curse me out and/or take out a bowling pin and knock me over the head. You never know.  People are crazy.

He said "Ma'am, I just want to say I'm sorry I was yelling like that."

I said "No, I'm sorry you missed the train! I was hustling, believe me."

We both laughed. Another day on the CTA. 

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ That he didn't kill me
2/ or curse me out
3/ and that I didn't let the fact that he called me "Ma'am" bother me.  Uh, yes, I'm a woman of
certain age
but I'm not exactly Rose Nylund.  But, I let it go. At least, I didn't get a bowling pin to the head.

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