The '85 Chicago Bears Reunion

The '85 Chicago Bears Reunion

included a seat on stage for #34 Walter Payton.

As his son Jarrett Payton said, while he waited backstage, he looked down at his watch and it was 8:34.  His father might not be there physically but he was there.   

Naturally, the other players and Coach Mike Ditka talked about what Walter Payton did on the field but they also talked about how he never turned a fan away.

After 'half time,' MC Tom Dreesen asked that everyone please return to their seats.  He then - very loudly and into the microphone - scolded some fans for asking former players for autographs.  He said - very loudly and into the microphone - stop asking for autographs, we have to start the second half, call security.

Call security?  Tom Dreesen, why so cranky?  And, more importantly, would Sweetness approve?

Today, I am grateful ~

1/ That H and I got last minute tickets

2/ and so we were in the nosebleed seats and not close enough to see any former players or get any autographs so we were spared the wrath of Mr. CrankyPants

3/ But, mostly and above all else, while we might be Dallas Cowboys fans - stop laughing - we can appreciate being in the presence of the presence of Sweetness.

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