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What would your food tattoo be?

Marc Carroll at Yes, people do this. Seriously, check it out here. Mine would be pasta.  Hands down.  Angel hair with gravy (marinara sauce) and lots of grated cheese. Today, I am grateful ~1/ For all of the other food lovers in the world like me.  My vision of hell is being surrounded by... Read more »

It could always be worse. You could be a Cowboys fan.

Oh silver lining, where are you?Ok. Let’s try this. Even though the sting of the Thanksgiving day loss is still with me and even though I think I inadvertently caused it, at least ~1/ we had fun2/ we were with friends3/ we got on the jumbotron!  If you can’t root for a winning team, root... Read more »

When you gotta go...

Why you shouldn’t drink a large coffee and a large water an hour before your flight ~ Because you won’t be able to wait until you’re in the air and you’ll hear “Final boarding at Gate 14″ while you’re still in the airport bathroom and you’ll have to literally run to the gate and all... Read more »

Road trips

What did people do before ~ 1/ GPS 2/ Google Maps 3/ iTunes I think the answer is Pull over and ask actual live people for directions Fight over directions Fight over radio stations Thank G0d those days are over.  And, thank you for reading Stop and Blog the Roses. Follow me on Twitter @fernronay.... Read more »

For carb lovers, like me...

Who needs turkey when you’ve got 1/ stuffing 2/ mashed potatoes 3/ broccoli smothered in breadcrumbs and cheese. But, Black Friday, is a clean plate. I mean, slate!  A clean slate! Hello, treadmill…

What does someone who's been blogging the roses for 6 months now...

give thanks for today? In the past few months, I’ve been thankful for such things as:“pumpkin spice lattes”“that I knew my grandparents”“cute rain boots” But, today? Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ That I’m healthy 2/ That H is healthy 3/ That my family and friends are healthy Because, the truth is, nothing else matters.... Read more »


Little things continued… Gotta love Mexican night and 1/ chips 2/ salsa 3/ guacamole Not feeling so grateful for margaritas today but that’s my fault… Thank you for reading Stop and Blog the Roses. Follow me on Twitter @fernronay.  

And the winner is...

And the winner of the Stop and Blog the Roses Grateful Giveaway Contest issssss…. MSadi who wrote: 1)I am thankful I have a personal relationship with my God. 2)I am thankful I have family and I am not alone. 3)I am thankful to be an American. It was really beautiful and it seemed appropriate for... Read more »

More little things...

1/ umbrellas2/ warm, waterproof coats3/ but, especially, cute rain boots that really make a monsoon in Chicago a little more bearable. Thank you for reading Stop and Blog the Roses. Follow me on Twitter @fernronay.

Little Things...

1/ Finishing a freelance assignment 2/ Preparing the invoice 3/ Hitting ‘send’ Exhaling… Thank you for reading Stop and Blog the Roses.  Follow me on Twitter @fernronay.