Overheard in Chicago

Twentysomething girl on the bus who appears to have recently broken up with her boyfriend and is on the phone with her mother ~

Girl: He detagged all of the pictures I was in.

Girl: No, Ma, he detagged the ones I was in.  Like the ones from our trip. 

Girl: He DETAGGED me. 

Girl: Because we're still friends.

Girl: NO! Friends on FACEBOOK.

Clearly, her mother is not on 'the Facebook.'

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Today, I am grateful ~

1/ That, during my dating years, I was not on Facebook

2/ and so I didn't have to deal with an ex who is still a 'friend'

3/ and all the complications that ensue, like getting detagged...and having to explain what that is to my mother.  Ah, love in the new millenium.

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  • As a mom, I too am just figuring out what this all means. When my son and his however brief girlfriend broke up after the Homecoming Dance, I made the mistake of asking if he would unfriend her on Facebook. "Why would I do that?" he asked. I guess breakups are more clean or friendly because of Facebook. I don't think I would of considered myself friends with an ex, even though you might have broken up with those "intentions." Maybe people are bigger because of it, but based on your story, it sounds like people are still wrestling with things. One more thing the young have have to think about.

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