If my law school application hadn't gotten lost in the mail...

If my application to Fordham Law School hadn't gotten lost in the mail

I wouldn't have gone to Boston College Law School

And I wouldn't have met my friend CW

And I wouldn't have been at CW's coworker's birthday party on 7/7/07

And I wouldn't have met H

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ To the US Postal Service
2/ That there is no such thing as a coincidence
3/ For 6 months of wedded bliss today. Happy 6 Month Anniversary, H! I love you!

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  • Happy 6-month anniversary! My dad told me once I was grown and left home that he hid my acceptance letter to San Diego State, where I really wanted to go to college just to get the heck out of Michigan, so that I would stay closer to home. Stinker. Funny how things manage to work out.

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