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Happy November!  With Thanksgiving just around the corner, what better time for a certain grateful blogger to hold a certain Grateful Giveaway contest?

It will work like this ~ In the comments section below on this blog post, write three (3) things you are grateful for.  One entry per person please.  Contest ends Monday, November 22, 2010 at 11:59 CST (I call that Chicago Standard Time).  I will pick and announce the winner on November 23rd.  Winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ That people other than my mom
2/ my best friend
3/ and my husband actually read this blog.  Thank you, readers!!

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  • I could not be more thankful for:

    1. My beautiful, awesome wife, who truly inspires me to continue to be the best man I can be, I love her so much;
    2. My four year old daughter, who is already sassy and diva-like, but she is so cool and sweet that her sass doesn't even matter; and
    3. My 6-month old daughter, who is always smiling, rarely crabby, and reminds me all the time how my family, above all else, is truly the most important entity in my life! I love my ladies!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • In reply to lotto315:

    Nice!! Sounds like you've got three lovely ladies there!!

  • I'm very grateful for
    1. All my family are healthy
    2. My sister arrives home safely after a long trip
    3. I wake up today rise and shine without migraine
    Life is good!

  • In reply to tcarolinep:

    Thank you for your entry! Three good ones.
    I get migraines too. So does H :( We can relate.

  • In reply to tcarolinep:

    I am grateful for:
    1. My amazing family and friends for believing in me and encouraging me to write
    2. The fact that not matter how crappy life is I am able to find the positive somewhere
    3. Left over Halloween candy

  • In reply to JessicaDowney:

    Love it! What would we do without family, friends, perspective and candy :)

  • In reply to JessicaDowney:

    I am grateful for:
    1)My wonderful wife
    2)My friends for always sticking with me
    3)Having a job :)

  • In reply to DicemanSTL:

    good ones!! there is no replacement for a wonderful spouse, true friends and a job, especially these days!!

  • In reply to DicemanSTL:

    I'm grateful for:
    1) my wife and kids, they keep me grounded
    2) my extended family for their variety of talents and humor
    3) my circle of friends for their support

  • In reply to jdnorthwest:

    Like button!

  • In reply to DicemanSTL:

    1. I'm grateful for my awesome wife and daughters, they make me smile everyday.
    2. I'm grateful for those around me who inspire, motivate and push me to be better.
    3. I'm grateful for second chances/ new beginnings.

  • In reply to cubicledad:

    Especially touching after the amazing year you've had. Thanks, CubicleDad!!!

  • In reply to cubicledad:

    Today I'm very grateful for:
    1. All my family are healthy
    2. My working day is over!
    3. This morning, a splendid sun shines
    Life is good!

  • In reply to barbarapa:

    Aw, life is good!! Thank you, Barbara!!

  • In reply to cubicledad:

    I'm grateful for:

    1. A wonderful, perfectly crazy family;
    2. The privilege of being able to stay home and raise said crazy kids;
    3. And, for the comfort and color of fall, my favorite season.

    Plus, #4, your blog, for reminding me to be more thankful every day! Was that a good answer or what? :) And I'm totally not sucking up.

  • In reply to jtithof:

    LOL!! Flattery is highly effective with me :)

  • In reply to jtithof:

    I'm thankful...

    1.For my mother who has given me the courage to pursue my dreams, doesn't ask questions, and supports me unconditionally
    2. That I have found a home in NYC
    3. That I have learned that when I put my mind to something I can do anything.

  • In reply to megslife:

    Say hi to my old stomping grounds in NYC! And, you're right. You can do anything :)

  • In reply to megslife:

    I am thankful for:
    1. My family and friends, they make everything so much better.
    2. Cooler weather this morning!!!! I live in AZ and just last week it was still in the 90's!!!!
    3. To have a job, I am thankful more and more each day to have one.

  • In reply to wakechick25:

    Like!! and you're very lucky to live in toasty AZ... it's warm here this week in Chicago...the calm before the winter :)

  • In reply to megslife:

    I'm eternally grateful for the following:
    1. Being alive, because this means I get to see my two adorable children and my husband
    2. My job, which has allowed me to travel the world and go to places I never imagined I could visit
    3. Best Friends, who keep me grounded, keep my on my toes, support me when I need it and just love me for being silly ol' me.

  • In reply to dramaprincess:

    Aw, really good ones!! Thank you!!!

  • In reply to megslife:

    I'm thankful for my quick thinking mind, my sassy tongue, my magnetic personality that has netted me a dear and true coterie of friends, my ability to recognize and appreciate the love and dedication of my family and the priceless gift of soul-stirring, heart-palpitating intoxication from my one and only, Seth.

  • In reply to TheSocialista:

    Love it! And such articulate writing inspires me :)

  • In reply to TheSocialista:

    1) I'm very grateful that my husband immediately supported my idea of self-employment without a moment's hesitation 10 years ago.
    2) I'm very grateful that my parents brought me up to be an independent thinker, even though it means I still rebel against them (I'm 40).
    3) I'm especially grateful this year for my amazing assistant, Mary Jo; I can't find the words to tell her how important she is to me every day.

  • In reply to ResuMAYDAY:

    Aw, wonderful husbands, parents and assistants are indeed priceless!! Thank you ResuMAYDAY (love the handle too!)

  • In reply to TheSocialista:

    1)I am thankful I have a personal relationship with my God.
    2)I am thankful I have family and I am not alone.
    3)I am thankful to be an American.

  • In reply to trawiccd:

    Are you reading my mind? or my blog posts? If the latter, thank you!! If neither, wow. Really like this one :)

  • In reply to JenniferFernicola:

    Thank you!

  • In reply to TheSocialista:

    My ever-expanding list of things for which I am grateful changes on a weekly, if not daily basis. But, the following things have occupied the top three spots for as long as I can remember:

    1. That the "thinkers" and "do-ers" in this world overshadow the chronic complainers.

    2. That people over 70 years old are willing to share their stories, knowledge, and wisdom if you are willing to take the time to ask.

    3. That karma exists, love is boundless, and that we may march to the beat of our own drummer, if we so choose.

  • In reply to offensive:

    My list changes daily too. Hence, this blog.
    This is another one that feels like you read my mind and heart. I love love love it!! Thank you for this entry!!

  • In reply to JenniferFernicola:

    I'm really enjoying reading these posts.

  • In reply to JenniferFernicola:

    I'm thankful for:
    1) My sweet and wonderful husband (and our happy marriage)
    2) That I have a job
    3) My beliefs that give my life stability in an ever changing world

  • In reply to misskate211:

    Good ones!! Me too :)
    Thank you!!

  • In reply to misskate211:

    I am grateful for:
    1) My wonderful and supportive husband (today is our 7th wedding anniversary).
    2) My 2 amazing children.
    3) My health.
    nbalogh522 at gmail dot com

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