This morning at the bagel store...

I was in line behind a mother with her son and daughter, who were probably 5 and 4 years old and, while the mother was ordering, the daughter pushed her older brother with a vengeance - right into a chair and the chair slid back a bit.  He seemed startled.  She seemed proud of herself.

The mother turned around. I wondered if she had seen this too and was going to scold her daughter but she said "Allison, they're out of cinnamon raisin."

After Allison rethought her order and they walked to the register, the little boy said "Mom, Allison pushed me into the chair."

"Allison, did you push your brother into a chair?"

For a split second, I was afraid Allison was going to lie.  But, she didn't.  In fact, she looked her mother straight in the eye and said "Yes!" like she was just asked if she wants orange juice with her bagel.

Her mother was not happy.  "That's not very nice."

None of this seemed to ruin Allison's day.

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Today, I am grateful ~
1/ For little rascals like Allison
2/ who shouldn't go around pushing people but who aren't afraid to tell the truth
3/ but mostly because they crack me up.

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