This morning, as I savored my coffee and trashy celebrity magazine...

I remembered this ~

In or about 2006, I was traveling for work and bought a celebrity magazine in the hotel gift shop to read on the flight home.  As the older lady at the register rang me up, she put her pointer finger over my magazine and said "I don't know why anyone would read this stuff. These people make me sick."

My blood boiled as I was scorched by her judgment.  I felt I had no choice but to respond in my defense and with the cold, hard truth, of course. "Well, I'm a lawyer," I informed her, "and I'm forced to read the most hideously boring documents known to man ALL day.  ALL day.  I'm entitled to a little fluff in my downtime."

Aren't we all?

Today, I am grateful for ~
1/ People magazine
2/ US Weekly
3/ and the slow, meditative breathing that happens when you read about who slept with the nanny.

Hail to all trashy celebrity magazines and the people who read them! We shall not be judged!


Cover of Photoplay magazine, December 1929, featuring actress Norma Talmadge


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