Sorry, Folks! But Walley World is closed...

I just got back from Disney World with H's niece and nephew and family.

I went to Disney 6 years ago with my brother's niece.  And, because I was a lawyer in NYC back then, I had to cut my vacation short.  I only did half of Magic Kingdom... the half that didn't include Space Mountain. 

This time, I wasn't too worried when H and I got our Fast Pass tickets a little late in the day.  We were scheduled to go on Space Mountain at 10PM.  Ok, that works, the park closes at midnight. We'll be fine.  And then this happened ~

Male ride attendant at the Fast Pass entrance (Marty Moose):  Sorry, but this is closed right now.  It might open up again in a half hour but it's not definite.

Me: Fast Pass is broken? Don't you just look at our tickets manually?

H to me: No. He means the ride - Space Mountain - is closed.


And so, there I was.  Six years in the making.  I considered buying a BB gun and making them put me on Space Mountain or else.  But then I wondered if I really wanted to go on a ride after it was just 'closed.'

Enter my Mother In Law. She questions Marty Moose. He is virtually nonresponsive. While H and I sit on a nearby ledge, we watch as this happens:

Mother In Law (motioning toward a female ride attendant): I'm going to go ask that woman what's going on.

MIL returns.  "That lady just told me that the ride isn't broken.  Some woman lost her pocketbook and they had to shut the whole thing down, turn on the lights and find it for her."

A few minutes pass.  MIL looks at Marty Moose.  "I'm going to ask him if they found that lady's pocketbook yet."

MIL returns. "He said 'What does she know?'" motioning toward female ride attendant. "I'm going to tell her that he said that."

MIL walks over to female ride attendant.  Returns 15 minutes later.   Reports that not only is female ride attendant sticking to her story but my MIL also (somehow) came into contact with the mechanical engineer who corroborated the 'pocketbook story' and further stated that he wouldn't be outside chatting if something was wrong with the ride.

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ For my mother in law's investigative skills.
2/ That the woman's pocketbook was recovered.
3/ And I finally got to go on Space Mountain.  And I was scared out of my mind.  In other words, it was awesome.  Well worth the wait.

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