Limited Lunch Options in Chicago?

On every street corner in NYC, there's a place to get a salad - the kind where you pick your lettuce, hand it over, make your selections and then they toss it for you.  There's Hale & Hearty, Devon & Blakely and even at any bodega. 

But, in Chicago, the only place I found that does that is Cosi.  And, it's not really the same and there aren't enough Cosi's around anyway.

However, I lament the tossed salad no more.  I have a new lunchtime love.

Today, I am grateful for ~
2/ especially Spicy Kung Pao chicken
3/ and Mongolian Beef buns.

Who needs a mixed salad when you've got Asian Hot Buns?!

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  • I LOVE Molly's! John and his brother are so nice :)
    I'm a cupcake freak. I didn't want a wedding cake. We had a cupcake tower instead.

  • Thank you!! I like it!!

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