Overheard in Chicago

He brought his new girlfriend.  And, at one point, we started talking about matrices and she had no clue.  He's getting his PhD and she's still in undergrad but still, how can you date someone who doesn't know what a matrix is? 

Today, I am grateful ~

1/ That I'm not friends with these people.

2/ That I'm pretty sure most of my friends have no clue what a matrix is and that's why I love them.  They're fun.

3/ That neither H's nor my dating criteria included knowledge of a matrix.  (Both of us would have failed.)

Of course, I googled it.  I was kind of hoping it was the name of a new drink, in which case I
would still not know what it is but I'd be willing to learn more.  The definition read: A rectangular array of numeric or algebraic quantities subject to mathematical operations.
Oh well.

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