Labor Day Awards: What was your worst job?

Awkward Moments Award: My first office during my first year as a lawyer was next to the partner's office, where I would often hear the partner on the phone with the client as the client complained about me.  Where is the closest hole? I need to crawl into it.

Worst Boss Ever Award: An indecipherable accent is bad enough.  Add chronic congestion issues, a bad temper, no patience and no social skills and, baby, you've got a winner!

Welcome Wagon Award: On my first day on the job, another female in the group told me that I should consider how long I wanted to stay because it was a terrible place and I wasn't going to learn much.  Wow, talk about rolling out the red carpet.

Life on the Road Award: Any consultant worth his weight in spreadsheets understands the exhaustion of a consultant's work week ~ flying out Monday morning and returning Thursday night plus delays, airport food and more delays. 
And, if you've got co-workers who want to have dinner with you every night on top of that, you get Fern Ronay pulling her hair out and wanting to scream "I just spent a 10 hour day with you in a windowless conference room and now you want to have dinner with me?! Aren't you sick of me?  I'm sick of you. I want to go back to the hotel, order room service and call my mom and H. GOOD NIGHT!"

Today, I am grateful ~

1/ That crappy clients, crappy bosses and crappy co-workers come and go.  What's that phrase?  This crappy job too shall pass.  Something like that.

2/ No one can predict how much I will learn on a job.  That's up to me.

3/ A consultant's work week = Hotel points and airline miles = Not having to pay for a honeymoon in Hawaii with H = Priceless 

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  • What was your worst job/boss/co-worker? Please share :)

  • I was a Chicago Park District Summer Day Camp Counselor to 30 10-12 year old girls who never listened to me. Total chaos each and every day. The only positive is that I earned enough money for my Senior class trip to California.

  • Wow, getting a trip paid for is always a perk!! But, yeah, you win the 'I can still hear these girls' voices in my head' award. LOL!

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