I will now pick Ines Sainz' next outfit

What are your thoughts on the Ines Sainz' story?

At Stop and Blog the Roses, we (meaning me) are of the opinion that in an ideal world, Sainz should be able to wear whatever she pleases and never hear a word or cat call about it.

But, this is not an ideal world.  In the world we live in, if you want to be taken seriously (and I'll assume that Sainz does because that's the Libra in me), then you have to cover up.  Plain and simple.  That doesn't mean, Ms. Sainz, you can't show your ankles and wrists but definitely cover up that belly.

As a lawyer, I am intimately familiar with the boring
black, brown, gray and navy suit, which is why I am reminded today to
be grateful for ~

1/ Heels.  Every color.  The higher the better.

2/ Handbags.  Every color.  Every size.  One for every day of the month, if you wish.

3/ The statement necklace.

What do you think Ines Sainz next outfit should be? I vote for #3. Barbie knows best.

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  • Funny! I never thought I'd say it but Barbie does look OK in #3. A definite improvement for Ms. Sainz. Thanks for the link!

  • Heh. I just snarked about this myself. I think the locker room should be closed to the media in general. But forget the clothes - how can we take her seriously if she refers to herself as "the hottest sports reporter in Mexico"?

  • In reply to abradley:

    HAHA! Good point!!

  • In reply to abradley:

    To tell the truth, this is the best post that I saw , it is need for our life , thank you for sharing, and wish you every day for the happiness!

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