Henry, the bird

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H thought he looked more like a Hank.  I think his name was Henry. 

When I noticed him on the sidewalk and he wasn't moving and was twitching a little, I was really afraid he was going to get stepped on.  Then, a pigeon (who I'm pretty sure was named Danny DeVito) came waddling along and chased him onto the sill.  I chased Danny away and called him bad bird names.  Then, I called H and we waited for Chicago Bird Collision Monitors to arrive.   

I am grateful ~
1/ For Chicago Bird Collision Monitors (I think it's called collision because birds collide with buildings.  Yikes.)

2/ Especially Betty, who didn't arrive in a blue van with a twirling bird on top like I was kind of expecting/hoping but who scooped Henry up and took him to bird rehab, which I expect/hope is more effective than Celebrity Rehab.

3/ For that post good deed high.  Of course, this is usually squashed by the realization that people like Betty are the real heroes and do good deeds everyday but I try not to let those pesky thoughts ruin my saintly high.  It feels too good.  I think I'll go find a spider now and not flush him down the toilet.

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  • An update from Chicago Bird Collision Monitors ~
    Henry was released into a forest preserve where he will hopefully continue his migration safely.
    Great news! Thank you again www.birdmonitors.net

    Now, I'm picturing Henry sipping a drink in Boca Raton and I have to say I'm a little jealous...

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