Dinner with friends last night and did you know...

1. There are no kids named Randy in the UK.  Makes perfect sense but I never actually thought about it.
2. Models eat baby food for portion control and nutrition.  How gross ... and demented.
3. A green card is not actually green.  You have no idea how disappointed I was to learn this.  I was hoping/assuming it would be a shiny emerald green credit card like thing that says "Welcome to the USA.  Now, get to work" or something like that.  Bureaucrats are no fun.

Today, I am grateful ~
1/ That while I might have always found the name Jennifer boring and normal, at least it wasn't a playground beater upper.
2/ I may have sworn off Sprinkles but I'll never be desperate enough to eat baby food.
3/ That I was born here.  Dealing with bureaucracy and red tape and lots of waiting = my worst nightmare.

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  • Actually, Jennifer the Green Card is now "Green". See article http://www.immigrationgucl.com/blog/?Tag=Green+Card

  • In reply to mpollak:

    Sorry, wrong link...http://www.immigrationgucl.com/blog/bid/39772/Green-Card-Redesigned-By-USCIS

  • In reply to mpollak:

    oh! excellent!! thanks, mpollak

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