Dear Sprinkles: We're breaking up!

It's over!  And, no, you're not going to woo me back with your creamy deliciousness and intoxicating aroma.  I mean it this time.  We're through!

Yes, it seems like H and I have been celebrating our wedding for months now.  It's been a non-stop party.  And, just because I'm training for the half marathon, that has not tipped the scales (terrible pun) in my favor as I've been eating like a pig and drinking like a fish.

H feels the same way.  Even our cat is fat!  The vet said last week that Magoo was borderline obese!

So, it's a new day at the Fernicola Ronay house.  The party's over!  Back to a healthy routine...

I'm sorry, Sprinkles.  Don't cry.  It's not you.  It's me.  Let go of my arm.  I have to go now.  But, we'll always have the summer of '10.


Today, I am grateful ~

1/ That even though I feel unhealthy, my body is functioning and that fact isn't lost on me. (In other words, I'm not a complete ingrate and I'm not completely shallow.  Just a little of both.)

2/ That H would love me any which way.  And vice versa.

3/ That I will not beat myself up when I make a Sprinkles booty call after the half marathon ... and on my birthday in October ... and on other special occasions.  What can I say?  We're like Carrie and Big.

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