Are you a secret gum snapper?

When I snap my gum, H says I remind him of an old secretary with a beehive named Roz.
But, I can't help myself. It's just so enjoyable.  All gum snappers know the satisfaction of a pop.  You want to do it again and again.  It's meditative.  And, we're not hurting anyone.  We chew sugar free gum.  What's the big deal?  If only others learned to snap and pop, they'd realize the joy and satisfaction they've been missing all these years.

Still, I realize it can be grating, which is why I only do it when I'm alone (or think I'm alone but H hears me popping away in the other room).  I can see how some people think the world would be a better place if all snappers wore ankle bracelets snapped in private.

So, will all of my fellow snappers, please raise your favorite pack of gum and repeat after me:

I solemnly swear to refrain from snapping and/or popping my gum while in the presence of other human beings.  This includes on sidewalks, on buses, in offices and in retail stores.  I will also refrain from the closed mouth snap because it is not discreet, despite what I tell myself.  BUT, when I'm alone, when no one else is there to pass judgment or roll their eyes at me, when all is quiet and I can finally stick that minty goodness in my mouth, you better believe I'm going to LET 'ER RIP!  Happy snapping!

Today, I am grateful:

1/ For the person who invented gum.

2/ To my Aunt JoAnn who taught me to snap it (and who is a masterful snapper in her own right)

3/ For Altoids.  I can freshen my breath in the presence of H without making a sound.

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  • This is hard to vote on since I snap my gum alone and when I am out in the public, but i do it in a way that it is not annoying. yes, even i find gum snapping annoying when you get these ignorant a-holes doing it that is loud and right in your ear :-(

    Catch 22 here. LOL I voted yes I am a snapper and snap when and where.

  • In reply to brandiw60:

    Thanks, Brandi! I think you could give a tutorial on how to snap in a way that is not annoying. I'll be your first student!

  • In reply to brandiw60:

    I snapped my gum today at work. Very loudly might I add. While I didn't do it on purpose, I still enjoyed it!!

  • In reply to brandiw60:

    I just had another thought. Your mom had a gum drawer in the kitchen. And I always thought, I want to be a mom that has a gum drawer. Whilst I don't have a gum drawer there is a metal bucket that has gum and candy in it when you come into my apartment. I think of you and your mother often when I chew gum and when I find some in the kitchen drawer at home.

  • In reply to anthula:

    She still does!!! LOL!! I love that you remember that, Anthula :) and, yeah, thank G0d for gum ;)

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