8 Reasons to Look Forward to Fall

I've always found Labor Day weekend depressing.  It meant the end of being sunkissed and drunkissed.  ...uh, well, ok, definitely the end of sunkissed.

If you're like me and prone to the autumn blues, don't fret.  Here are 8 very good reasons to welcome fall.

Today, I am grateful ~

1/ That I don't dread fall like I used to.

2/ That I understand football.

3/ That a tall pumpkin spice latte with nonfat milk and no whipped cream is only about 216 calories. I call it the season's Breakfast of Champions.

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  • Unless you're a student or a teacher, or a waif who still feels comfortable in a bikini, or someone with less than 5% body fat and thus anything above 80 degrees DOESN'T feel hot to you, summer sucks. Seriously, I still have to go to work everyday, shiver in the excessive air-conditioned air (so I wear a fleece over my cute summer dresses and skirts), and deal with frizzy hair and a shiny T-zone and keeping my feet sandal-worthy, and feeling too fat to go to the beach, and hating on anyone who still actually has a "summer vacation" ... no thank you ... I hate summer. Fall is perfect. The weather, the fashion, the colors, HALLOWEEN! I wish it could be fall year-round.

  • I recently moved to an apartment. Had I been in my old house, this would have been my worst summer ever. Good Lord, it was an oven in Chicago this year. The fact that Summer is not forever helped me keep my sanity. I too am a Fall enthusiast. If it gets a bit chilly you can put something on (on the flipside, if it's boilingly hot, you can take everything off and it doesn't help, it even gets worse!). TGFF! Thank God For Fall!

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