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A bust of Kevin Bacon made out of ... bacon?

Excuse me, do you come smoked or unsmoked? Yup!  Check it out here. Today, I am grateful for ~ 1/ Turkey bacon2/ BLT’s3/ People who answer the question ‘Why?’ with ‘Why not?’ Of course, the other reason for the Kevin Bacon bacon bust is to raise money for Ashley’s Team.  Good reason. Follow me and... Read more »

Henry, the bird

H thought he looked more like a Hank.  I think his name was Henry.  When I noticed him on the sidewalk and he wasn’t moving and was twitching a little, I was really afraid he was going to get stepped on.  Then, a pigeon (who I’m pretty sure was named Danny DeVito) came waddling along... Read more »

About my brother

1/ When I was 3 years old and he was 9, I hit my head on the coffee table and had to get stitches. He told our Grandma Fernicola that he wished it were him.2/ He is an amazing cook.3/ He likes the name Jennifer.  He actually named me.  And – in the way real... Read more »

Dinner with friends last night and did you know...

1. There are no kids named Randy in the UK.  Makes perfect sense but I never actually thought about it.2. Models eat baby food for portion control and nutrition.  How gross … and demented.3. A green card is not actually green.  You have no idea how disappointed I was to learn this.  I was hoping/assuming... Read more »

Little things...

Gotta love the Randolph Street Market Festival and 1/ hot apple cider 2/ old Polaroid cameras that only cost $35 and look cool on your window sill and 3/ decorating, in general. We’re finally making our home feel homey… Follow me and my yearlong project, Stop and Blog the Roses, on Twitter @fernronay.

An open letter to Lindsay Lohan: Something to consider while you're in the clink

Dear Lindsay Lohan: I don’t know you personally.  I don’t know a thing about addiction.  I don’t know what it’s like to be famous or live in Hollywood. But, here is what I do know, based purely on observation.And, considering that you seem to be racking up the legal fees, you might want to take some free... Read more »

I just put grapes in the freezer

And, I wasn’t trying to make frozen grapes to snack on later. And, I forgot my cell phone charger today. And, yesterday, I tried to use my MTA card instead of my CTA card.  There’s money on this card. I just added money the other day! WTF! Oh, this is my MTA card. And, this... Read more »

Little things...

Just went to Shecky’s. Maybe I’m easy to please (stop laughing, Ma) but it feels like 1/ cherry lip balm2/ aloe body lotion with cucumberand 3/ ‘gold glimmer’ eye liner can give you a new lease on life. I love being a girl.  And, I love goodie bags. Follow me and my yearlong project, Stop... Read more »

Overheard in Chicago

He brought his new girlfriend.  And, at one point, we started talking about matrices and she had no clue.  He’s getting his PhD and she’s still in undergrad but still, how can you date someone who doesn’t know what a matrix is?  Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ That I’m not friends with these people.... Read more »

Life After Lawyer

Graduated from the University of Chicago Law School; The Studs Terkel Program aired on 98.7 WFMT between 1952 and 1997.
I recently likened myself to the elf from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  He doesn’t want to be an elf.  He wants to be a dentist.  And, that’s OK. I’m not the only lawyer turned something else.  Here are some of the notable residents of the Island of Misfit Lawyers ~ Today, I am grateful... Read more »