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Dear Brides and Bridezillas: Do NOT read this!

It’s Wedding Wednesday on Twitter and I’m reminded of a couple of wedding horror stories that made me shudder with fear as I was planning my own wedding.  Not sure if they’re true or just good ol’ nuptial urban legends but I believe they can strike fear in even the most stalwart bride. #1 –... Read more »

My butt hurts

Not only did we go to the beach yesterday, but H and I also rode our bikes to Promontory Point ~ another absolutely beautiful Chicago highlight that it took me two years to partake in.  Today, I’m grateful for the little things ~ 1/ I hadn’t been on my bike in a long time and I was nervous about maneuvering... Read more »

There's a beach in Chicago?

That was me two years ago when we moved here.  I was so fascinated and thrilled. Of course, as life goes, we never got around to going … until today.  The fascination hasn’t wained.  This was me: It’s a beach! A real beach. With sand. And water.  And people in bathing suits.  And beach chairs. ... Read more »

15 days until...

the half marathon! Followed by my annual cheeseburger, followed by a Sprinkles cupcake, followed by a nap, followed by the first Cowboys game of the season (yes, I’m a Jersey girl, former Manhattanite, living in Chicago and a Dallas Cowboys fan. That’s an entry for another day.) Today, I am grateful for the little things... Read more »

Do you think I jinxed my meatball?

By meatball, I mean cat, of course.  He’s been sick since yesterday – I’ll spare you the disgusting details – and we had to take him to the vet this morning. I’ve been talking about him so much this week that I wondered if I inadvertently sent him some sort of negative energy.  But then... Read more »

Open letter to the woman who threw a cat in the garbage

Have you heard about the British woman who threw a neighbor’s cat in the garbage?  She was stuck in there for 15 hours.  She was identified from video surveillance and her response to the outrage was “It’s just a cat.”  To be fair, she apologized again after that comment but the damage was already done. ... Read more »

Overheard in Chicago

Woman 1: He has six kids. I was like Whoa. Woman 2: That’s not a lot. As you can imagine, I was practically tripping over myself to hear the rest of this exchange but I was not successful.  So, I have to recreate a conversation in my head. Me to Woman 1: Is he a... Read more »

To all the Chick Lit haters

Former nannies write 'fiction.'  Love it!
I’m going to take the liberty of making a few assumptions about you ~ either one, some or all of the following describes you: (a) You’re a man(b) You’ve never had your heart broken(c) You don’t or have never hated your job(d) You’ve never had any major conflicts with your mother/best friend/boss(e) You’ve never experienced... Read more »

Planes, Trains and Port Authority

Three things were keeping me from my favorite foot model (his name is Vinny; he’s four months old; and he has the most delicious piggies in North America, possibly the world).  They were: 1/ The fact that it’s been awhile since I took the bus from NYC to New Jersey and I couldn’t remember my... Read more »

Happy Thurszzzzz

That’s how I feel right now.  I couldn’t fall asleep last night and I had to wake up at 5AM. Today, I am grateful for ~ 1/ Coffee 2/ Especially that first sip in the morning.  Ahhhh…. 3/ And, particularly my dear, hardworking friend Caffeine (Don’t call her Caffy for short. She doesn’t like it.) Follow... Read more »