Overheard in Chicago

Woman 1: He has six kids. I was like Whoa.

Woman 2: That's not a lot.

As you can imagine, I was practically tripping over myself to hear the rest of this exchange but I was not successful. 

So, I have to recreate a conversation in my head.

Me to Woman 1: Is he a teacher?  As in 'he has six kids' in his classroom?

Woman 1: No.

Me: These are his biological children?

Woman 1: Yes.

Me: This is a potential boyfriend/husband?

Woman 1: Yes.

Me: Six kids ARE a lot.  That's a lot of kids to clothe, feed and put through college. I'm not telling you what to do but don't think it will be easy.

Me to Woman 2: Don't give her any more advice.

Woman 1: Mrs. Ronay, you are so wise! And, very beautiful too. You look like a princess.

Oh, be quiet! This is my imagination. I can make it happen any way I want.

Today, I am grateful ~

1/ That I don't have six kids.

2/ Just one delicious cat, Magoo (who is technically my stepcat but I love him as if he were my own!)

3/ And, he's not going to college and doesn't wear clothes.  But, he eats a lot, which is why he's tubby and chubby (and I can say such things without worrying that he'll tell his therapist one day).

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