Have you ever been hungover in church?

Have you ever been hungover in church?

Isn't it the worst?

I think it's the smell.  And, the repetitive prayers and long sermon just make you want to put your head down and pass out. 

There's also those little angels etched in stained glass, staring back at you, saying "Haha! Can't drink like you used to?"

Little bastards.

Today, I am grateful ~

1/ That the air conditioning was pumping. That helps.

2/ For little Tylenol packets that I find in my purse at the most opportune moments!

3/ That one block from my church is a store where I can get coffee, Gatorade and a bagel.  I think that was preordained.  G0d is looking out for his drunk little parishoners.  Hallelujiah!

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Uh, no more wine for me. Thanks!

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