Dear Brides and Bridezillas: Do NOT read this!

It's Wedding Wednesday on Twitter and I'm reminded of a couple of wedding horror stories that made me shudder with fear as I was planning my own wedding.  Not sure if they're true or just good ol' nuptial urban legends but I believe they can strike fear in even the most stalwart bride.

#1 - Why you should have at least one glass of wine at the rehearsal dinner -

At one rehearsal dinner, everyone drank, except the bride, the bride's mother and the groom's mother.  The next day - the day of the wedding - everyone felt fine ... except the bride, the bride's mother and the groom's mother.  They were all "sick to their stomach."  Apparently, they were suffering from food poisoning that could have been prevented with a little imbibing.  It was so bad that the bride had to wear a DIAPER under her wedding dress.

#2 - Why you should buy travel insurance for the honeymoon -

Four words: The groom's appendix burst.  It happened the day before the wedding and he was in the hospital up until the ceremony, which he had to attend in a wheelchair!  After the reception, he had to go right back to the hospital. 

There's actually another moral to this story - don't take yourself so seriously.  The other groomsmen all rented wheelchairs and rolled down the aisle in salute to their friend. 


Today, I am grateful ~

1/ That everyone drank at the rehearsal dinner.

2/ That no one's appendix burst.

3/ That none of my vendors got a flat tire.  Yes, that was one of my recurring bridal nightmares, along with forgetting my wedding shoes and having to walk down the aisle barefoot.  Would have been cute but not the look I was going for.

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