The Delicious Baby Feet Fan Club

I love baby feet.  If you're also a fan of the delicious tootsie fan club, welcome!

Footnote (excuse the pun): I realize that this entry - with the buzzwords "feet" and "delicious" - may inadvertently attract some fetish freaks on Twitter.  Word to the weirdos - I will not follow you back!

Moving on. 
How could anyone not love a baby's feet?  They are filled with ricotta and mozzarella and pepperoni and they're covered in doughy goodness.  Yes, it's true.  Do not argue with me.  I've sunk my teeth into several.

Today, I am grateful ~

1/ For baby feet

2/ For who they're attached to

3/ For capturing photos of them now because one day, they'll no longer be little and delicious.  They'll be big and stinky (but we'll still love who they're attached to and we'll show him these pictures and laugh).

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Meet our foot model, Vinny.  Look out, GQ!!


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