Stop and Blog the Roses Report Card

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Day 31

30 days of thank you's behind me - how have I done?

Sweating the small stuff - B+  Marked improvement but largely due to the fact that the wedding is over.  If anything can make a person sweat the small stuff, it's wedding planning.

Patience - D I let a lot of people go ahead of me in line for the bus but I kinda lost it on the GoDaddy support line guy.  They're always trying to sell you stuff!!  Aren't they supposed to be the technical support staff?! 

Sweating the big stuff - C
# of times this month I've woken up H or our cat because I leaned in too close to make sure they're breathing = 4  Room for improvement.

Today, I am grateful that ~

1/ Other than a D in Calculus senior year of high school, I never got a bad report card.  (You can imagine how I reacted to a D!  The sky was falling.)

2/ The wedding was amazing but it's over and I have a lot more time and a lot less stress.

3/ H never gets mad when I accidentally wake him up.  Either does our cat.

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