If perfectionism is unhealthy...

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Then I've got an ex-boyfriend who better see a doctor or else ... 

[Bring out the Munchkins] Ding Dong! The Jerk is ...

I KID.  I KID.  I won't even say it.  I wish all of my exes nothing but the best.

But, believe me, today, I am grateful ~

1/ That I didn't marry any of them.

2/ That my children (if we have any) will not be raised by a perfectionist father, saving thousands in therapy bills for all of us.

3/ That H doesn't care how I fold my socks.

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  • you're obsessed

  • In reply to hronay:

    haha. someone's obsessed with JR

  • In reply to JenniferFernicola:

    you remind me of her. ever get that one? :)

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