I was basically a child bride

I was basically a child bride

Stop laughing!  I was so!  By NYC standards, at least.  Any NYCer who gets married before the age of the 35 is practically holding their wedding in the delivery room (thank you, Jeff Foxworthy, for that line).

Look at my bachelorette party, for instance.  Of my 18 closest besties, there were 5 married, 2 engaged and 11 single and sassy ladies.  And, by sassy, I mean happy.  Sure, there's a little anxiety about meeting him but when it happens, there will be no doubts.  Isn't there a saying about kissing frogs and practice makes perfect?  Also known as the story of my life. 

No, I'm not worried about my single city girls.  Either are these two ladies.  They found that the divorce rate in blue states is lower than in red states. 

So much for "A family that prays together stays together."

I guess it should be "A family where the husband and wife have hooked up with enough people, traveled to enough places and earned enough promotions before taking the ol' plunge stay together." 


Today, I am grateful ~

1/ For all my friends and all of our good times ~ when we were all single, when we're all married, forever and ever.

2/ For H's starter marriage.  Yes, it was in a blue state but they were both barely 30.  Nearly babies!  So, it ended in divorce. ... Lucky for me!  

3/ For all the frogs and all the lessons.

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  • haha!! they've got to visit and we'll all hang out!!

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