The Bridezilla Promise

Dear Friends, It happened!  Got the guy.  Got the ring.  I'm the bride!
Now, it's my turn to make you pay for an ugly dress, which I said I'd never do because, well, I lied!

Dear Family, I'll wear what I want that day even if it's a pink dress with polka dots or a dark lipstick that you hate.
You'll deal with it!  In fact, you're gonna gush over me and tell me I look great.

because I'm not wearing what you would wear that day, you're going to
talk about me? Go ahead!  Say what you're going to say.
I don't really care.  I always thought you had crappy taste anyway.

Dear Vendors, you think it's ok to be stupid, lazy or late? 
I've got news for you.  You work for me now!  And, I don't wait.

When I call, pick up.  When I ask for something, send it.  In other words, do your job!
Is this how you run a business?  You'll be done in a year, you incompetent slob.

I can't help it.  I'm a bridezilla because of you and you and you.
That's what I'm trying to say.  Yes, you made me this way.
Now, get over it - in case you haven't heard, it's MY DAY.

But, I will make one promise ... and I mean every word ... I swear on the church choir...
Before all is said and done, I PROMISE not to light anyone or anything on fire.

Oh, and I love the groom.


#WeddingWednesday on Twitter tomorrow.  I joke about how I was a Bridezilla but I was nothing like the psychos on that show.  Have you ever
watched?  Scary!!
The truth is ~

1/ That I didn't and would never put any of my friends in an ugly dress.  I love them way too much.

My family learned early on to keep their fashion opinions to themselves.

3/ My vendors had brains!

A bonus 4 and 5 for today ~

I really had no reason to set any people, places or things aflame.  (And, my mother hid all the matches.)

I married H, the love of my life, and isn't that the point?

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