The big things...

When I got off the plane this morning in NJ (I'm home for a wedding tomorrow), I was thinking that I was grateful for luggage with wheels, cell phones and e-tickets.

Then, I got in the car and my mother told me not to freak out but my 4 year old niece has been in the hospital since Wednesday because she had a really high fever. 

So, today, I'm really grateful ~

1/ For antibiotics.

2/ That my mother kept this information from me because she (and anyone who knows me) knows that I'm a worry wart to the max.

3/ That I just spent hours with my little petunia and she is fine.  She was just discharged and is on her way home and THAT's all that matters.  For her, I would fly to the moon and back with a carpetbag, no cell phone and a manual ticket I'd most likely misplace.

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