The Banana Peel Society

If everyone would please quiet down so I can call this meeting to order.  Thank you very much.  Ok, let me first take attendance. 

Beyonce Knowles
Meredith Vieira on ice skates
Jennifer Lopez at the AMA
Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner
The character of Cher Horowitz in Clueless
Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality

If you're wondering why you're here, please see the photo gallery below.

Now, let's get down to business.  Any recent slips to share?  Anyone?  Hmmm, shy today.  Ok, I'll start.

So, it was just yesterday that I bent down to pick clothes up off the floor and slammed
my face into our hamper.  It doesn't sound awful but our hamper is a hard, prickly
wicker and I managed to hit the corner with full force. 

Of course, I did the mature thing - I screamed and cursed and took to the bed in the fetal position.  H came running in. 

"My left cheek!  Yes, the one on my face.  Will you PLEASE just get me ice?"

Later in the day, when I got hit in the head by the dryer door (didn't hurt but didn't please me), H asked me to please stop doing stuff for the rest of the day and I

Well then, if there is no further business to discuss, I'll adjourn this meeting.  As we say at the close of all our meetings ~ in unison, ladies ~ LOOK OUT

Today, I am grateful ~

1/ that it didn't leave a mark.

2/ for ice.

3/ that H is always amused, never annoyed, by my banana peel ways.

What do all of these ladies - real and fiction - have in common?  They are klutzy, charming, talented and lovable.

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  • that H sounds AMAZING. you did well girlfriend

  • Came back from Vegas with no money, scars from the water slide, and a sore wrist from falling off the curb on the Strip. Classy.

  • In reply to GigiDivine:

    you've been promoted to president

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