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I wanted a picture by the dumpster in my wedding dress

Talk about timing ~ It’s #WeddingWednesday on Twitter and I was just haiku’ing about Bridezillas yesterday and today, I got the first pictures back from our photographer! So, today, I am grateful that ~ 1/ I got many strange looks when I relayed by wedding photo dreams.  Some people: A dumpster?  Like by the garbage? ... Read more »

The Bridezilla Promise

Dear Friends, It happened!  Got the guy.  Got the ring.  I’m the bride! Now, it’s my turn to make you pay for an ugly dress, which I said I’d never do because, well, I lied! Dear Family, I’ll wear what I want that day even if it’s a pink dress with polka dots or a... Read more »

Airline karma is a bitch

Three years ago – I was sitting in the exit row, making myself comfortable for the five hour flight from NYC to LA to visit H, who was already there.  Anyone who flies regularly knows that the exit row is the cream of the crop for us bottom feeders in Coach.  It’s First Class leg... Read more »

Boca can wait

Once upon a time, two single ladies living in NYC flew south for the weekend.  Over lunch at the Delano and drinks at the Shore Club, the conversation wasn’t that much different than at home.  C:  What if we never meet our husbands? Me (after shuddering):  I guess we’ll just move down here.  We’ll be the Golden Girls. C:  Who... Read more »


No matter what you might have thought of Michael Jackson, you probably liked at least ONE of his songs.  Today, I am grateful for ~ 1/ ABC2/ Human Nature3/ Billie Jean You can show your gratitude on Twitter with #ThankYouMJ. Follow me on Twitter @fernronay.

The big things...

When I got off the plane this morning in NJ (I’m home for a wedding tomorrow), I was thinking that I was grateful for luggage with wheels, cell phones and e-tickets. Then, I got in the car and my mother told me not to freak out but my 4 year old niece has been in the hospital... Read more »

Fight breaks out at kindergarten graduation

Apparently, some moms had some words and then the dads got involved and punches were thrown. You can read the story here. When I read this story, I immediately registered my disgust….after I stopped laughing hysterically.   Today, I am grateful ~ 1/ That my parents are lovers, not fighters. 2/ That so am I (when... Read more »

V-J Day Nurse dies

The story, as I first heard it, was that when World War II ended and everyone was celebrating in Times Square, a sailor grabbed a nurse, spun her around and kissed her.  A photographer captured it.  I was in high school when I first heard that and I was mesmerized.  These are the sort of... Read more »

What would your last meal be?

Today, on MSN, there was this about famous last meals (Jesus, JFK, Ghandi). I would choose from among three ~ 1.  Cheeseburger and Fries.  I do a 1/2 marathon every year and then I have my annual cheeseburger. I would eat cheeseburgers more often but I don’t want to be a meatball.Speaking of which… 2.  Pasta (or... Read more »

The Banana Peel Society

Flicks her hair and falls off the bed.  Terrible driver.  Total banana peel.  And, totally fabulous!
If everyone would please quiet down so I can call this meeting to order.  Thank you very much.  Ok, let me first take attendance.  Beyonce KnowlesMeredith Vieira on ice skatesJennifer Lopez at the AMAJennifer Lopez in The Wedding PlannerThe character of Cher Horowitz in CluelessSandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality If you’re wondering why you’re here,... Read more »