Look, Dad! No room for a beverage cart!

Happy Father's Day to all the padres near and far! And, especially to my dad!

Of course, I'm reminded of this entry from the Archives ~

fern small plane.JPG

My father has a thing about small planes.

Example #1

My mother:  This couple that [so and so] knows never traveled together as a family.  The mother would fly with the daughter and the father would fly separately with the son. But now, their kids are older and they went on a trip to Hawaii, just the two of them. They flew on a small plane from one island to the other and it crashed and they died.

Me:  Ma!

My father:  You know what the moral of that story is?

Me and my mother (interchangeably):  Don't put all your eggs in one basket...Just live your life...Etc Etc

My father:  No. Don't fly on small planes.

(Insert eye roll.)

Example #2

My best friend's sister went on a safari to Africa and she brought the photos to my parents' house.

Me and my mother (interchangeably, as we flip through the album):  A giraffe!  She got so close!  An elephant! These are amazing!

My father is silent until we get to a photo of a small plane.

My father:   I hope your sister didn't get on that.

Me:  Dad!  Honestly!  Did you see the giraffes?!


I used to think he was crazy. Then, I saw the propeller plane H and I were flying on from Maui to Kauai on our honeymoon and all I could think was that maybe my father was right.

I couldn't eat or drink or talk or read during the one hour flight.  I just sat there, resisting the urge to count the number of passengers (there were 12).

Then, we landed safely.  And, I went back to being a typical flip daughter.  I made H take a picture of me.  Look, Dad!  No room for a beverage cart! Hehe! 

Today, I am grateful ~

1/ that we landed in Kauai safely, even though it felt like we were basically on a Big Wheel with wings

2/ and for my father

3/ and for all of his other good, not aeronautical-related advice over the years ... and that I actually listened.


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