Three little words: Thank you, Chicago

Today is my last Stop and Blog The Roses post for ChicagoNow as H and I are relocating to the City of Angels. But I will continue to blog the roses at BlogHer so please find me here and follow me on Facebook here and Twitter @FernRonay to keep up with the amazing adventures of... Read more »

How to sell your home … with the help of a statue

It’s simple.  You get a statue of St. Joseph. You bury it, upside down, facing the street, on your front lawn. Of course. Shortly after H and I put our apartment on the market, we went home to New Jersey for a first holy communion and naturally, the topic came up. Them: Lots of luck... Read more »

Child Free: Six Assumptions Not to Make about the Child Free

I would never presume to speak for all of the child free men and women out there so I will say, right here, this applies to H and me. But, if you are child free, know someone who is child free, love someone who is child free, you can probably relate to one or more... Read more »

Bad Advice on the Internet

#1. What? Um, no! Where to even begin? Let’s just say if you’re in a healthy relationship, neither of you has to wonder what’s in the other person’s heart and mind because you already know and the reason you know is because you tell each other, you communicate your feelings and thoughts.  So, you trust... Read more »

Pretty Ugly Gallery: Can you guess what these are?

You know what they say.  The couple that stops and blogs the roses together … So, it’s a good thing that Mr. Stop and Blog the Roses finds pretty in the ugly. Check out his latest creative endeavor and scroll down for the big reveal. 1.   2.    3.   4.   5. 6.... Read more »

99 Ways to Be Kind Without Spending a Dime

You: Some of these are weird. Me: What’s wrong with weird? You: Some of these are common courtesy. Me: Yes, some of them are. Still, to be courteous is to be kind and reminders to be courteous, like this list for example, are always helpful, especially when you post them in the common area of your... Read more »

Smartphones: the New Smoke Break?

I recall, a long time ago, reading Gilda Radner’s memoir where she described smoking as her “exclamation point in life.” She admitted, unabashedly, that she loved smoking (sadly, she later succumbed to ovarian cancer) and she would light up after meals, after the movies, after sex, first thing in the morning, in bed at the... Read more »

Albert Einstein and the Law of Attraction

Like all of us at various times, his life could be – let’s use a technical term here – a ‘total shitstorm.’ A headmaster at his school said he would never amount to much. After college, he was unable get a doctoral dissertation accepted or an academic job. He had a daughter before being wed,... Read more »

Thank you, "Your Tan May Be Killing You"

Fellow CN blogger DonnaJeanne writes Your Tan May Be Killing You.  As she describes it, “As a Stage IV Melanoma patient, it is my goal to teach you ways that you can avoid Melanoma because I’d love to keep you out of my shoes.” If it wasn’t Donna herself, her blog, the blog’s name (if... Read more »

How To: BLOG!

In my humble opinion and in quite the nutshell, of course. Let me back up. Among some of the extraordinary experiences I’ve had since moving to Chicago, interning at The Chicago Reporter is in my top 5 list.  It was 2009, I was a lawyer transitioning into journalism and new to the city. You take... Read more »