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Citizens Should be Literate, Not Poorly Educated

In my home town of Detroit, children do not have the right to be taught to read. Judge Stephen Murphy recently ruled in Gary B. v. Snyder that the Constitution does not guarantee kids have the right to become literate when they attend school. While the judge agreed that, “When a child who could be taught to... Read more »

Time to Try a Different Way to Teach Reading

The only volunteer job I ever quit was being a reading fluency tutor shortly after I retired. The job was simple enough. I took fourth grade students whose reading skills were deemed below grade level, one at a time, to a quiet area in the hallway and asked them to read a passage three times.... Read more »

The Joy of a Real Bookstore

Recently, we took our grandkids to an actual, brick and mortar Barnes and Noble in a suburb of Indianapolis. It wasn’t easy or convenient. The one in their town had closed, so we drove some distance to reach the bookstore. But it was worth it. They had a blast. You would think we had taken... Read more »