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Immigrants and The Statue of Liberty

Immigrants and The Statue of Liberty
When Emma Larzarus wrote her poem The New Colossus in 1883, which was inscribed on a plaque on the Statue of Liberty in 1903, contrary to what the Trump administration would have you believe, she was not thinking of “people coming from Europe” who had the means to support themselves. She was writing it for people like my grandmother,... Read more »

Remembering Mr. Rogers: Why You Should See Won’t You Be My Neighbor

I needed to restore my faith in humanity after listening to an endless loop of the heartbreaking cries of children separated from their parents by Trump’s border policy. I needed to hear the voice of Mr. Rogers, a man who embodied empathy, kindness, caring, and especially love of children. So I switched off the news,... Read more »

Separating Kids from Parents is OK with Some Folks

There was a dog whistle in Kellyanne Conway’s interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press yesterday, June 17, Father’s Day 2018. In defending the Trump/Sessions policy of incarcerating adults crossing the border, even asylum seekers, and thus justifying separating kids from their parents who “broke the law,” Conway said, “And Chuck, let me just... Read more »