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A "Nasty Woman" Responds

I’ll claim the title. For the upcoming election, I’m Trump’s worst nightmare. A white, suburban “nasty woman” who can’t wait to vote for Hillary. Believe me, he wouldn’t want to grope me. I’m his age, a total turn off. And I wouldn’t get close enough to let him touch me because I dislike him bigly. The... Read more »

Trump Son's Advice to Women: “Go Teach Kindergarten”

Apparently, the Trump men feel sexual harassment in the workplace is just part of the job. If women can’t take the heat, they should get out of the kitchen. Actually the Trump guys would likely reverse that old proverb and send women back to the kitchen. Or if they want to work, they should teach... Read more »

Bullying: Setting Kids on Fire, Creepy Clowns, Locker Room Talk and Other Hated-Filled Acts

This is not the world I had hoped my eight grandchildren would inherit. I truly thought our country was on track to be more loving, accepting, inclusive, and kind. Instead, during Bullying Prevention Month, folks are talking about a child with special needs in Texas being set on fire with classmates who taunted him accused... Read more »

Voting: The Time I Threw my Vote Away and Other Tales from a Faithful Voter

Apparently, many Millennials plan to sit out this election. Others are thinking they should vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein as a protest vote against what they see as two flawed candidates. I feel your pain, but you must vote. I will take it a step further and risk incurring the wrath of many... Read more »

Hillary Clinton and The Smart Girl in the Room

I’m only a couple of years older than Hillary Clinton. Like her, I grew up in a middle class suburb in the Midwest. So I get it. Back when we were growing up, it was considered bad form to be the smart girl in the room. Listening to Morning Joe just now while I exercised... Read more »

The Diamond Necklace

My mother wore it until they took it from her in the hospital before she died. I remember when my grandmother received it. And now it’s mine. Three generations of women have worn the necklace. My mother added a small stone to the bottom (now the middle). And I combined it with the stone my... Read more »

This morning I turned off the news

A guest blog post by Paul Levine (who happens to be my little brother) This morning I turned off the news, which for me is a lot to say. While not totally obsessed, I have been continually tuned in, watching and listening to national news since Walter Cronkite’s daily lament about the war in Vietnam.... Read more »

Fifteen Years Ago: September 11 at Preschool

What follows is an excerpt from my book Terribly Strange and Wonderfully Real... The kids whose first day of preschool was September 11, 2001, are in college now. I doubt they have any memory of the day at all, but my colleagues and I at Cherry Preschool will never forget it. Because it was what... Read more »

Bikes and Cars and Buses…Oh My

Bikers, don’t hate me for writing this. I admire your commitment to physical fitness and the environment. I just don’t want to see anyone get hurt as we all have share the roads. And I fear in its zeal to be a bike-friendly city, Evanston has made some decisions that just don’t make sense. The proliferation... Read more »

Baby Boomers: World War II Ended Seventy-one Years Ago Today

Today marks the seventy-first anniversary of the official end of World War II. On September 2, 1945, Japan formally surrendered aboard the U.S.S. Missouri, anchored in Tokyo Bay. Five days later, I arrived. What follows is an excerpt from my book Terribly Strange and Wonderfully Real about why I chose to identify with the post-war... Read more »