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OMG – Bob Dylan is Seventy-Five

It’s hard to believe that the man who wrote “Forever Young” is not. In fact, he’s kind of old. Seventy-five years old today. Of course, what does that say about me? I can still sing along with “Like a Rolling Stone,” and I still fear the answer to most things political is “Blowin’ in the... Read more »

My book is now available on Amazon!

Who writes her first book at age seventy? That would be me. Terribly Strange and Wonderfully Real is a collection of essays speaking to and for baby boomers, a generation transitioning to senior citizenship. My essays catalog the strangeness of turning seventy and becoming the family matriarch, coupled with the wonders of adapting to an... Read more »

Grit, Creativity, Kindness, and Love: Life Lessons from my Grandkids

Having grandkids is a blessing for many reasons. They teach me far more than I teach them. Last weekend, I visited the Indiana gang of three, and I learned once again how young children have so many important life lessons to share if we only take the time to look. Over a short weekend, I... Read more »

A Tribute to my Mother on the First Anniversary of her Death

My mother died a year ago today. In some ways, it seems like more than a year has passed since she died. Her absence is part of my daily life now. But there are still times when the wound still feels fresh. At some point every day, I think I should call her and have... Read more »

Someone I Love Has Cancer

I have two younger brothers but have always wished I had a sister. That’s not really true. I do have one, but she happens to be my cousin Annette. And now she is battling lung cancer that has metastasized to her bones. This is so unfair. Annette and I grew up like siblings. I’m pretty... Read more »

Saying Goodbye an Old TV

I just bid farewell to what was once a marvel of technology, our 32 inch Panasonic TV. Back in 1999, we thought she was state of the art, but now she had become something difficult to discard, and new technology beckons. We had to bump her down the stairs on a dolly, all 125 pounds... Read more »

Income Inequality: Jennifer Aniston Should Fly Coach

Have you seen the commercial for Emirates Airlines with Jennifer Aniston? If you have, I’m sure you know why it pushes my fairness button. In it, Aniston is the poster child for income inequality. She faints when she discovers she is flying first class on an airline with no shower or bar. Poor girl. Just... Read more »

Why I Can’t Sleep

When I was still working, a colleague and I used to joke that we should have called one another at 4:00 a.m. because we were both up at ridiculous o’clock everyday. I’m not sure she still has the same sleep problems so, in lieu of calling her, I tried to lull myself back to sleep... Read more »

How Main Street Changed Over 40 Years

When was the last time you saw a sales clerk write out a receipt by hand and add the numbers on…paper? It happened to me yesterday when I visited one of the few original stores left on Main Street in my hometown of Evanston, Illinois. I spent $2.81 on a strip of Velcro at Vogue... Read more »

The Death of Antonin Scalia: Supreme Rudeness

I will confess right off the bat that I was no fan of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Our politics could not have been more dissimilar. But I was disheartened that the immediate response of politicians, especially those who shared his views, was to begin shouting about his replacement before his body was... Read more »