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Trying to Understand Amazing Grace

When President Obama concluded his moving eulogy for South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney, the pastor killed along with eight others in last week’s church shooting, by singing Amazing Grace, like many others I was moved to tears. Then I spent the rest of the weekend trying to wrap my head around just what grace... Read more »

Hands-on Fathers

When one of my brothers did something caring for my late mother, she used to say he was like a daughter. In her worldview, men did not do much caregiving. Similarly, Robert Fulghum wrote this Mother’s Day tribute to his son: I called him a “Mother” in that he reflected the spirit of New Parenthood. ... Read more »

On Vacation: Celebrating my 200th Blog Post by Writing a Book

When I started this encore career back in September of 2013, I announced I was Reinvented, Not Retired. My first post was inspired by 64-year-old Diana Nyad, who had just completed a 110 mile swim from Cuba to Florida, something she had been trying to do for 35 years. She had trained for this fifth attempt... Read more »

Our Screens are Stealing Precious Moments from our Lives

We have all seen it: Parents with kids in a park, zoo, or restaurant whose eyes are glued to that tiny screen on their phone. Maybe they are getting an important text or checking work email. More likely, they are looking at their Facebook feed or googling the score to a game. Whatever it is,... Read more »

Cleaning Out Mom’s Apartment – The Final Goodbye

As I approach my 70th birthday, I find myself an orphan. Of course, that is both lucky and sad. Many of my friends faced parental loss at much younger ages. I feel blessed that my parents lived long enough to see my children become adults, marry, and become parents. And yet, cleaning out my mother’s... Read more »

Rebuilding a Life Lost to Mental Illness

When we finally found the grave of my husband’s grandmother, Pauline Rose Levey, it was at the end of a long row next to a chain-link fence. I’m sure we were the first and only visitors. In the Jewish tradition, we left stones on the grave. This is a mitzvah (commandment) called matzevah or setting... Read more »

Becoming a Matriarch

I was helping one of my grandkids with her third grade spelling homework when she asked me how to use “matriarch” in a sentence. The old English teacher in me launched into a complicated explanation that ended with my telling her that my mother, her Bubbe, who died last month was the matriarch of her... Read more »

Mother’s Day: A Great Grandchild's Tribute to her Bubbe

This is my first Mother’s Day without Mom. When my mother died last month, my 9-year-old granddaughter asked many questions about what would happen at the funeral. I told her my brothers and I would talk about Bubbe. I explained this was called a eulogy and we would be celebrating her life and sharing our... Read more »

Photos in Frames and Preserving Memories

When my mother died on April 19, we had no problem finding photos to display at her funeral. She had framed pictures all over her apartment – pictures of her parents and parents-in-law, photos of her with my late father dating back to their courtship, numerous family portraits of her rapidly expanding family, wedding photos... Read more »

Reflections on the Death of my Mother

My mother, Evelyn Levine, died April 19 just before midnight. She was 91 and the last member of the Greatest Generation on her side of the family. Her passing was a huge loss for me as well as the end of an era for my family. So forgive me if all I can write about... Read more »