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Park School Kids Still Need a Playground

Send the Park School Children a Valentine…make a donation today The school playground is usually empty. The swing frame holds no swings. The wooden climbing structure is decaying, faded and cracked with age. The wood chip surface is thin and unusable for children whose wheelchairs can’t be pushed across it. When the Penny Park, a... Read more »

Special Education for Evanston High School Students: If You Build it, Should They Come?

Many Evanstonians were outraged by a highly insensitive comment by Alderman Ann Rainey about creating a new special education program for high school students. At a zoning committee meeting, Evanston Township High School (ETHS) officials requested a special permit to build a therapeutic day school in an area zoned for commercial use only. After an... Read more »

Frances Perkins: A Woke Woman You Should Know

The continuing education class I am taking at Northwestern University is called Notable Achievement: Focus on Women, and yet ironically only three of the nine lecturers are women. Nevertheless, let’s persist because in a lecture by Robert Coen, I learned about the life of Frances Perkins, FDR’s Secretary of Labor for all twelve years of his... Read more »

School Lunch and Recess Woes

Evanston, Illinois supports its public schools. Last spring, we even voted for a referendum to raise our property taxes so our school children would receive good educations. Is it unreasonable to expect our school district to make changes to how lunch and recess are managed so those children we treasure can be joyful, healthy, and... Read more »

Remembering September 11

What follows is an excerpt from my book Terribly Strange and Wonderfully Real... The kids whose first day of preschool was September 11, 2001, are in college and beyond now. I doubt they have any memory of the day at all, but their parents and my colleagues and I at Cherry Preschool will never forget it.... Read more »

Finally, A School Dress Code That Respects Students

I took my granddaughter who is entering middle school shopping to buy a “first day of school outfit.” She’s eleven and starting sixth grade today, with temperatures projected to be just under 80 degrees. I understand that her school’s dress code gives a thumbs-down to Daisy Duke shorts and I’m okay with that. But we... Read more »

My Community’s School Calendar is Out of Sync with Life in 2017

As we enter August, the dog days of summer, the dregs of “summer vacation,” I have to stop blaming the farmers for the traditional three-month break from school that is part of my community’s very traditional school calendar. I always wondered about that explanation because farms harvest their crops in the fall and spring, so... Read more »

1967: Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of Graduating College

1967. Quite a year to be launched from college into the world. The music was awesome but the politics were becoming frightening. Being quite immature and self-involved at that time, all I remember about graduation is that it rained in the University of Michigan stadium and my future husband and I laughed and talked through... Read more »

Fidget Spinners: Addictive Stress Relief for Kids Who Need to Move

Fidget spinners have been banned by most schools, and rightfully so. If I were having a hard time staying focused, squeezing a koosh ball or chewing on a pencil might help. But watching a spinner and keeping it in motion would be a total distraction. These spinners are basically toys that delight all kids, but... Read more »

When Math Doesn’t Add Up

A girl hates math, so she writes a letter: “Dear Math, I wish you would grow up and solve your own problems.” Funny? Not so much. For my generation of women and for girls today, math is still a boy’s club with some token females. It is also a white boys club, with fewer children... Read more »