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Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton Inspires Kids to Learn History

We Should be Teaching our Kids More History in School My ten-year-old granddaughter and her peers have moved on from Harry Potter to Hamilton. Although she hasn’t seen the play, she loves the music and the story behind it. And this has motivated her to ask questions and read more about American history. Right now,... Read more »

Warren Cherry: Trump, God, or Obama?

Every year for the past twenty-four years, I take the portrait of Warren W. Cherry, for whom Cherry Preschool is named, to the four-year-old classes. While the children have noticed this picture in the school’s front hall, only a few of them know who it is. I do this to keep his name alive and... Read more »

Thanksgiving Tribute to the Cherry Preschool Founders: There Were no Selfies Then

When the founding board of Cherry Preschool held a reunion to reminisce in advance of the school’s 25th anniversary, we made a surprising discovery. There was not a single photo of the board and staff that worked tirelessly to create the early childhood program. So we took a new photo and joked that it was... Read more »

Trump Son's Advice to Women: “Go Teach Kindergarten”

Apparently, the Trump men feel sexual harassment in the workplace is just part of the job. If women can’t take the heat, they should get out of the kitchen. Actually the Trump guys would likely reverse that old proverb and send women back to the kitchen. Or if they want to work, they should teach... Read more »

Park School Has a Playground its Students Can’t Use

Have you ever tried pushing a twenty-five pound child in a stroller through sand? It’s comparable to pushing a ten-year-old in a wheelchair through a playground with a wood chip surface. You’d better be really strong. This is just one of the challenges the playground of Park School presents for staff trying to get students... Read more »

Park School Community Creates A Mural for All to Enjoy

There is a building located at 828 Main Street in Evanston that many people used to pass by without recognizing it was a school. But now, an amazing mural catches their attention. The Park School community created the mural: Sixty students with significant special needs, their families, their teachers and support staff, and their friends... Read more »

PARCC Fails More Than 60 Percent of Kids -- Why Keep Giving It?

When I was teaching high school English back in the day, if 60 percent of my students failed a test, there was only one logical conclusion. I had given a bad test. The questions were too tricky or not relevant to the material I had taught. And I would have apologized for wasting my students’... Read more »

Summer for a Child with Special Needs – So Glad it’s Almost Over

Of the many challenges that families of children with significant special needs confront, summer may be one of the most difficult. Like mine, these families are now counting the days until school resumes and life becomes more predictable and productive for their kids. Predictability is so important for the happiness of children with significant special... Read more »

Teaching Body Shaming to Young Girls: School Dress Codes

My nine-year-old granddaughter violated the dress code at her school that serves children in grades kindergarten through fourth. That means kids aged five through ten. Her violation was wearing what was deemed a tank top on a 99 degree day. I can assure you there was nothing suggestive about the top she wore and nothing... Read more »

Back to School: Why a Seven-Year-Old Boy is Sad to Return

This is a journey into the mind of my seven-year-old grandson who is interested in many things. Just not what he’s learning in school. In fact, when I asked him if he was looking forward to starting second grade next week, his response was a resounding NO. School is so boring, he claims. My husband... Read more »