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Inclusion: A Preschool that Truly Cares About Other People’s Children

Welcoming and including children with special needs has always been part of Cherry Preschool’s mission. But this Evanston preschool community not only talks the talk, it walks the walk. At its annual fundraiser on March 21, parents, teachers, and friends of the school raised their paddles to donate $35,000 to fund next year’s Inclusion Program.... Read more »

Keep Maggie Daley Park a Dog-Free Zone

Dog lovers don’t hate me. Before you get angry and start to write mean comments on this post, I must state that I really, really like dogs. In fact, one of my daughters is a vet, and all of my kids have dogs. But I have to vote “no” when it comes to allowing dogs... Read more »

Common Core Testing for Dogs and Cats

I’m not making this up. In the print version of Scientifics Direct, a very nice catalog of science-related activities for kids, it describes kits for creating interactive pet toys as being “like common core testing.” Among the things these kits claim they can do is teaching obedience commands and training both dogs and cats to... Read more »

To the Parent of the Shy Kindergartener

Since when did shyness in a 5-year-old become something requiring remediation? Apparently, in today’s kindergartens, it does. You see, shy kids generally don’t perform well on standardized tests given at the beginning of kindergarten. And that can be totally normal for a child with a shy or anxious temperament. But under our new approach to... Read more »

How Student Essay Writing has Changed Since 1969

Yes, you read that correctly. 45 years ago, I was teaching high school English at Niles East High School in Skokie, Illinois. In case you are wondering, I snagged that job right out of college. Nevertheless, if you do the math, you know you are reading the opinion of a former English teacher of a... Read more »

To the Bullies Who Knocked my Granddaughter off her Scooter…Can You Handle the Truth?

Yes, you got away with it. You pushed a young girl off her scooter, I’m assuming because you wanted to steal it. You slapped a young boy who came to her rescue in the face. Then, cowards that you are, the three of you sped away on your bikes when an adult came running over.... Read more »

Breaking the Rules in Early Childhood Education

My 4-year-old grandson, who lives in another state, wondered when his teacher would get her time out?  After all, he got one for a major preschool offense – LOL during circle time.  And a second time out for saying “pee-pee head” to a friend. His sweet young logic dictated that she should also get one... Read more »

Starting Kindergarten the Right Way

My grandson, his face so young and sweet and innocent and a little frightened, started his formal education in kindergarten at the end of July. He had recently celebrated his fifth birthday. He was a bit worried and had three important questions: Will my teacher be nice? Can I get cookies? Do they have a... Read more »

Kids Are Finding it Harder to Make Friends These Days

It’s National Friendship Week and I am wondering: Why is it harder for kids to make BFFs these days. I confess I have no scientific proof that this is true. It’s just my observation. And I have a few thoughts about why it may be so. Where do kids meet other kids? Well, kids can... Read more »

Let’s Move Even More: Why Kids Need More Chances to Move, Starting with Infancy

I’ll never forget what an elderly woman told me over 40 years ago when I had my first baby and lived in a high rise building on the campus of Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. Back in those ancient times, there were no slings or Baby Bjorns or car seat carriers, but there was this:... Read more »