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Texting with my Stars: How to Connect with Grandkids

I have finally accepted that texting is the only way to really reach my kids. I guess email is passé for their generation. But texting with my grandkids? This has become a whole new thing, and I love it. A few of the older ones actually have their own phones, resulting in messages like this: I’m... Read more »

Who Suffers When Folks are Late?

We made a reservation at my grandkids’ favorite restaurant to celebrate two family birthdays. Because our party included a child with special needs who is not into waiting very long, we thoughtfully reserved the early-bird time of 5:00. Unfortunately, the restaurant honored a party that arrived very late for a 4:00 seating, and we were... Read more »

Thank You to Jimmy Greenfield for Helping Me to Retire with Purpose

Back in September of 2013, Jimmy Greenfield gave a confused recent retiree a voice and a purpose. That floundering soul was me. When Jimmy helped me begin blogging on ChicagoNow, I was one grateful 68-year-old woman who was struggling with the loss of my identity after retiring as the founding director of Cherry Preschool. When... Read more »

Special Education for Evanston High School Students: If You Build it, Should They Come?

Many Evanstonians were outraged by a highly insensitive comment by Alderman Ann Rainey about creating a new special education program for high school students. At a zoning committee meeting, Evanston Township High School (ETHS) officials requested a special permit to build a therapeutic day school in an area zoned for commercial use only. After an... Read more »