Thank You Michelle Obama

Last week, I was in despair. Donald J. Trump had painted such a dark picture of his vision of where America is and where it needs to go. All I could think of when I heard “law and order” was 1968. That year, we elected a man I despised, Richard M. Nixon. “Tricky Dick” had... Read more »

The Joy of a Real Bookstore

Recently, we took our grandkids to an actual, brick and mortar Barnes and Noble in a suburb of Indianapolis. It wasn’t easy or convenient. The one in their town had closed, so we drove some distance to reach the bookstore. But it was worth it. They had a blast. You would think we had taken... Read more »

The Secret Life of Pets: As Seen Through the Eyes of a Seven-Year-Old Boy

The Secret Life of Pets is definitely a movie to attend with kids. We happened to take our Indiana grandchildren, ages three, seven, and nine, to see it. They were primed to love this movie. They have three dogs and their mother is a vet. So they had been counting down the weeks all summer... Read more »

Hope and Despair and Last Week’s Killings

Yesterday at the beach, while building the “world’s best sand castle,” our ten-year-old granddaughter asked my husband, “Will the police shoot my cousins?” She meant her African American cousins, ages six and two. My husband’s white privilege left him totally unprepared for this question. He had never thought about how he should answer. He reassured... Read more »

Remembering my Father on the Fourth Anniversary his Death

(Excerpted from my book Terribly Strange and Wonderfully Real.) The morning of the day my father died he told my mother, “If George Washington could die, so can I.” Mom thought he was hallucinating, but I prefer to think he was giving himself a final history lesson, reviewing the names of all the presidents and great... Read more »

Immigrants Made America Great, Mr. Trump: My Grandfather’s Story

In June of 1885, the Statue of Liberty arrived in New York Harbor. Twenty-eight years later, my grandfather was welcomed to this country by Lady Liberty, a gift from France, funded by the French people, to commemorate the friendship between our countries. The statue was located on Liberty Island for two reasons. The first was... Read more »

Retired: The Forever Young Generation Retools

(Or why a seventy-year-old woman wrote her first book) My younger brother just retired. So did my husband’s younger sister. Like me back in May of 2013, when I finally really retired from Cherry Preschool, after breathing a sigh of relief, they are asking, “Now what?” I’m not sure how to answer that question. Every... Read more »

Searching for my Father

(Adapted from an essay in my book Terribly Strange and Wonderfully Real) I suppose all parents are something of an enigma to their children. As I have aged, however, there is a growing need to understand who my father really was. What were the secrets he held so close? How am I like him? How... Read more »

Why My Granddaughter’s Sixth Grade Graduation Made Me Cry

I’m sure the family members and guests attending The Cove School graduation and recognition ceremony for students moving from sixth grade to middle school watched with an array of emotions. Joy. Pride. Gratitude. Love. And a bit of trepidation mixed in. Would their child be the one to make a mistake and ruin the ceremony?... Read more »

Guns Kill More People than the Gorilla Shot Memorial Day Weekend

Sixty-nine people were shot, and six of them died, over Memorial Day weekend in Chicago. That’s the same weekend a gorilla was shot to death by zookeepers in Cincinnati to save a small child who had fallen into his habitat. Social media lit up over Harambe’s death, but where was the outrage about the Chicago... Read more »