The Greatest Meal is the One I Share with my Family

Although I complain about the chaos and my inability to come up with a menu everyone will eat, the greatest meal I’ve ever had is any meal I shared with my children and grandchildren. Because only one set of children and grandchildren live near me, looking around the table at everyone happens about once a... Read more »

Thanksgiving Tribute to the Cherry Preschool Founders: There Were no Selfies Then

When the founding board of Cherry Preschool held a reunion to reminisce in advance of the school’s 25th anniversary, we made a surprising discovery. There was not a single photo of the board and staff that worked tirelessly to create the early childhood program. So we took a new photo and joked that it was... Read more »

The Zoo That is our Health Care System

What kind of health insurance policy is there for a divorced mother of three, working for a small business, receiving no support from her unemployed ex-husband, with a child who has a chronic illness? If you said none, you are correct.  There is no reasonable health care plan for this family and for millions of... Read more »

Some Thoughts About Yesterday's Election

Today is the anniversary of two huge historical events in Germany: the opening of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, in 1938. Because it is also the dawn of President-Elect Donald Trump’s era, the irony of these anniversaries really hit me. On November 9, 2016, I woke after maybe... Read more »

Why You Must Vote Tomorrow

It took almost 150 years to get to the point where all of us eighteen and older have the right to vote. And yet, going back to 1828, usually around 60 percent of those eligible actually vote. Since 1972, that number has fallen to closer to 55 percent or less, with the exception of 2008.... Read more »

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown – Memories of a Simpler Era

Last week, ChicagoNow had its monthly writing challenge, “Blogapalooza,” with the topic “Pick a song that has special meaning to you and explain why.” I’m rarely able to participate, either being not home or asleep during the appointed hour for posting. But when I read Mary Tyler Mom’s Bad, Bad Leroy Brown: The Funeral Recessional... Read more »

2016 Election: On November 9, We Need to Find our Common Humanity

Yesterday, my ten-year-old granddaughter reported her classmate was “voting” for Donald Trump. She lives in a very liberal college town and I’m guessing this boy was the only one in the class not supporting Hillary Clinton. When I told her it was his right to support whichever candidate his chose, she seemed mystified. So I... Read more »

A "Nasty Woman" Responds

I’ll claim the title. For the upcoming election, I’m Trump’s worst nightmare. A white, suburban “nasty woman” who can’t wait to vote for Hillary. Believe me, he wouldn’t want to grope me. I’m his age, a total turn off. And I wouldn’t get close enough to let him touch me because I dislike him bigly. The... Read more »

Trump Son's Advice to Women: “Go Teach Kindergarten”

Apparently, the Trump men feel sexual harassment in the workplace is just part of the job. If women can’t take the heat, they should get out of the kitchen. Actually the Trump guys would likely reverse that old proverb and send women back to the kitchen. Or if they want to work, they should teach... Read more »

Bullying: Setting Kids on Fire, Creepy Clowns, Locker Room Talk and Other Hated-Filled Acts

This is not the world I had hoped my eight grandchildren would inherit. I truly thought our country was on track to be more loving, accepting, inclusive, and kind. Instead, during Bullying Prevention Month, folks are talking about a child with special needs in Texas being set on fire with classmates who taunted him accused... Read more »