An entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashionista and author, Vivian Valtas Schmidt is currently channeling her passion for helping people into various outlets.

The daughter of a Greek immigrant, Vivian grew up learning self-sufficiency at an early age. Her struggles only drove her to rise up to overcome challenges and reshape her life, diving into an insurance and financial services career that brought her national recognition. Along the way, she has also applied her leadership and management skills to train, motivate, and mentor up-and-coming career professionals.

Vivian wanted to help youngsters who didn’t know how to knock down the obstacles in their paths. She has volunteered for a variety of non-profit organizations that benefit children and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Valentine Boys and Girls Club in Chicago. Valtas Schmidt is also the founder of "The Old Bikeman Award". The program donates two bicycles per month to children in need.

Vivian’s success has fueled her passion for helping others—and also funded another desire: shoes. But not just any shoes. Vivian is a diehard stiletto aficionado with an artful collection of carefully selected, fine footwear. This petite dynamo has managed to find a way to blend her fashion passion with her life’s work. With the launch of her first novel/self-help book, Stiletto 911: The Makeover Manifesto, Vivian is spreading her recipe for success with readers around the world.

Vivian’s own makeover hasn’t been limited to her business success. She is married to Jeff Schmidt, an entrepreneur in his own right, and they have a three year old son who, although he isn’t likely to be sporting stilettos, will always know the power of great style. Vivian also enjoys extreme sports, makes time for culinary studies, and never misses an opportunity to network with like-minded people.

After graduating from Youngstown State University, with a degree in Mathematics Education, Vivian earned her MBA from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. Vivian holds a teaching certificate, is a Certified Peer Mediator and holds the CLF (Chartered Leadership Fellowship) designation from The American College. Vivian is also the founder of Glamour Press House.