Graduating from ghetto to GHETTO FABULOUS!

Graduating from ghetto to GHETTO FABULOUS!
As a self-proclaimed “ghetto fab” girl, I feel it is my duty to bestow upon my “not so ghetto” friends a bit of the 411 on the life of a ghetto fab girl. First off, just because I was born in the ghetto doesn’t mean I pack a nine with me 24/7. It merely means... Read more »

Social etiquette versus social networking

Last week, I was out with a couple of my friends when a group of strangers pulled out their cells to start videoing our good time. Now, mind you, I know that the three of us can cause a scene wherever we go (loud voices, hooting and hollering over each other’s jokes, insane good time—you... Read more »

Coping with Motherhood (Part One)

Below is a letter I wrote (a year ago) to my son.  Dear Choo Choo (legally known as George), We just celebrated your second birthday, which means you’re moving from baby to toddler—and the Terrible Two’s. I’ve been looking back at the past two years and thought I should lay down the 411 on a... Read more »

New Fortune 500 job confusing? Defining corporate buzz words

New Fortune 500 job confusing?  Defining corporate buzz words
If you are new to Corporate America and scratching your head at a few ‘buzz words’ flying around the place, allow me to clarify: Developmental Opportunity. That’s code for, “Here’s the part of my job that I hate the most.  Since you are new—and have absolutely no clue how much it sucks—I am going to wrap... Read more »

What a heel: Online dating disasters

Profile:  Age 26 Hair:  Blonde Height:  5’3″ Occupation:  Consultant Hobbies: Work, Skydiving, Work, Writing, Work, Networking, Work, Working Out, Work So, there I was…26 years old and lovingly convinced by my BFF that I should get back in the dating world and told me that online dating was the way to go to find a variety... Read more »