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Breed Specfic Ban, FIV Cats, Where to Get a Pet: WGN-TV News

Breed Specfic Ban, FIV Cats, Where to Get a Pet: WGN-TV News
Steve Sanders makes life easy…He’s a longtime news anchor at WGN-TV, and I always enjoy talking with him on set. In this segment, from the 11AM news on December 30, we spoke about the case of the service dog that was removed because he’s presumed a Pit Bull in a town where Pits aren’t allowed;... Read more »

This Blog Post: Number 1,000

This Blog Post: Number 1,000
For about 18 months I’ve been the author of this blog – and I hope you join in celebrating my 1,000th post! Perhaps, I have set a pet blogger record. If so, I hope for the Tribune Company to present me with a silver scooper. When the Tribune launched ChicagoNow, I noted there was a... Read more »

A Father's Love for His Aging Dog

Father’s Day can be celebrated many ways. Paul Lisnek (“Politics Tonight” on CLTV and political analyst WGN-TV) talks about his dog Mertz, now 13 years old. Paul recorded this video to help out All Pets Wellness Foundation (non profit supporting care for pets in need, with a focus on older pets).  

Chicago Animal Care and Control, Update

Here’s an update from Ch. 9 (WGN-TV) reporter Marcella Raymond’s initial report. How can this be defended? A select few are trying very hard. I curious….why?  

Chicago Animal Care and Control Exposed

WGN-TV, Channel Nine’s Marcella Raymond’s report on condtions at Chicago Animal Care and Control. I’ve been asking, ‘How is this allowed to happen?’ for some time. Outraged? Contact City Hall.  
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