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Veterinarian Saves Dog: Home for the Holidays

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Veterinarian does surgery at no charge, what an amazing holiday gift. A Dachshund, named Lola, spent the Christmas holiday at home after Dr. Michael Wong performed emergency back surgery on the dog for free and then returned her to her parents, all at no charge! Unable to afford the surgery, the Pembroke Pines, FL couple... Read more »

How Honest Is Your Veterinarian? Discrediting a '20/20' News Report

How Honest Is Your Veterinarian? Discrediting a '20/20' News Report
(Just was notified that Dr. Jones didn’t appear in this piece, “Barking Mad,” which appeared on Canadian TV. I regret the error. And my apologies to Dr. Jones (who never asked for an apology but merits one). Still my mistake doesn’t change the segment, what the focus was, how it was put together. My greatest fear is that... Read more »

America's Favorite Veterinarian Contest

America's Favorite Veterinarian Contest
Is your veterinarian your hero? Would you like to see your veterinarian honored at the upcoming convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation? The story you tell may be dramatic, a veterinarian saving a pet’s life….or might be a story of compassion, how end of life was handled. Maybe... Read more »

Blum Animal Hospital, AAHA Accreditation Makes a Difference

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American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) practices represent excellent, the best in veterinary medicine. On this video, I am bursting with pride… She’s my veterinarian and I couldn’t be more proud to feature her and Blum Animal Hospital, where we been taking our own pets for what must be about 20 years now. For 60 years... Read more »

Heartworm Society Honors Dr. Rubin

Heartworm Society Honors Dr. Rubin
The American Heartworm Society recently honored Dr. Sheldon Rubin of Chicago. Rubin, a past president of the non-profit education organization, was honored with the title Honorary Member. Rubin continues to educate the public about the ongoing, deadly and frustrating issue of heartworm. Arguably, more – not fewer – dogs and cats are dying of heartworm.... Read more »

American Animal Hospital Association Conference, 2012

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The American Animal Hospital Association stands for excellence in veterinary medicine, for those wanting the best of the best standards for their pets.

It's Where Veterinary Professionals Come to Learn

While at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, I visited the Oquendo Center, and thought I’d tell you about it – and even show you. Learn more and see more links at my national radio show website.  

Hail to the Chief Veterinarian

I now know what all the commotion was about in Atlanta at the AVMA Convention. Streets were closed, secret service was everywhere. I thought it was for this guy: But instead could it have been for this guy? On July 30,, Dr. Larry Kornegay was installed at the new President of the American Veterinary Medical... Read more »

Join In the Salute to Dr. Sheldon Rubin

Chicago’s doesn’t have a veterinarian named James Heriot, but we did have Dr. Sheldon Rubin for 41 years caring for and treating pets, advocating for laws beneficial to pets and appearing in the media to disseminate information. Lake Shore Animal Shelter is honoring Dr. Rubin with a Bone Vivant thank you brunch, June 13 at... Read more »
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