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The Highest Ranking Dog in the British Army

Dog outranks many handlers, a Sgt. Major. This sniffer dog, called Chocolate, has been given a new title, to reward him for an important find in Afghanistan. On Operation Moshtarak he uncovered a large stash of explosives and IED parts which could have caused scores of deaths and injuries.

They Are Our Best Friends in War and Peace

You might not be here if it wasn’t for military working dogs.The U.S. Govt. has no data on the number of lives saved, but all experts agree we’re talking thousands upon thousands since World War II. Not only do we honor soldiers on this day, we should be honoring their best friends. These dogs are... Read more »

Celebrating Canine Military Heroes

                                                   By Steve Dale         Those who stand up for our nation in time of war, putting themselves in harms way, are heroes – the men and women of the U.S. Military whom we honor on Memorial Day. And then there’s one more group that also deserves recognition, the dogs of the U.S. military. “No one... Read more »