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Pets' Fountain of Youth

Pets' Fountain of Youth
“I firmly believe our pets can live longer,” says Dr. Kerri Marshall, executive director of customer experience and chief veterinary officer of Trupanion says preventive care and preparation can extend pets lives. Listen HERE for my interview with Dr. Marshall from Steve Dale’s Pet World.  Preventive care means visiting your veterinarian twice a year, ideally….which can help to catch... Read more »

Daffy Dog Tricks

Daffy Dog Tricks
Readers of my newspaper column wrote me about these dog tricks; hope these folks contact David Letterman: 1) A dog named Sampson, who when asked to “Do Sinatra,” croons – “whaoo-whaoo.”  The owner of the dog say the giddy response proves women still swoon, even with a canine Sinatra. 2) When a Collie named Lassie... Read more »

Trupanion Supports Fire Safety Saving Human and Animal Lives

Trupanion Supports Fire Safety Saving Human and Animal Lives
More than 3,500 Americans die annually as a result of fires, over 18,300 are injured. There is no data on the number of pets kills or injured – but the number are not insignificant. Trupanion – the pet insurance company – takes fire seriously. and they’re right. According to the U.S Fire Administration, many fires could... Read more »

Trupanion Fire Drill at Work Place Where Dogs Go to Work

Thumbnail image for 'Trupanion Fire Drill at Work Place Where Dogs Go to Work'
At Trupanion (a pet insurance company), there are over 60 dogs at their workplace. I know – I want to work there too! But it occurred to those folks, they don’t have en emergency plan, a fire drill, for example. So see how they prepared. Odds are you don’t have 60 dogs in your home – but... Read more »

Cool Pet Products

Here are some Cool Pet Products that I’ve been talking about on Steve Dale’s Pet World, one of my national radio shows. Visitors to the radio show’s website can see video on each of these: Wander Hammock: Whether you are on your way to Granny’s house for turkey, or returning home from the dog park... Read more »
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