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Protecting Dogs from Tick Disease

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Tick disease is at epidemic proportions, particularly Lyme disease, and not just at Granny’s house any longer out in the woods. I speak with Dr. Natalie Marks on a PetSmarts segment on HouseSmarts TV about tick disease, and most important about prevention, from what products may work best to testing for tick disease (which we... Read more »

American Animal Hospital Association @AVMA Convention

American Animal Hospital Association @AVMA Convention
So, what the heck happens at veterinary conventions anyhow? Dr. Kate Knutson, president of the American Animal Hospital Association answers. Click HERE to hear my conversation with her on Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio. I interviewed Dr. Knutson live from the floor of the Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association, held at... Read more »

Beware of Flea/Tick Products Sold Over-the-Counter

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I am speaking here with a dude named Brad Canyon about diversion. This all about retailers selling flea/tick products who shouldn’t have it in the first place. It’s being diverted to them illegally or at least unethically – though pet owners assume the products are fine; they have no way what they’re buying might not... Read more »

Lyme Disease Appears to be on the Rise: In Dogs and People

Even AARP is expressing concern about an increase in Lyme Disease, a topic I’ve written about here for some time. The story is most mostly focused on Lyme Disease in people, explaining that it can start with a bull’s eye rash Deer tick bite in a person and that achy feeling you get when you... Read more »

One State May Pass New Rules on Veterinary Drugs

According to DVM 360, veterinarians in Pennsylvania may be required to provide pet owners better documentation about medication uses, dosages and contraindications if drugs are administered outside of the veterinary hospital. Senate Bill 768, introduced in March, would mandate that veterinarians provide clients with information sheets from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that explain... Read more »
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