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Tick Invasion, Protecting Dogs from Lyme and Other Tick Diseases

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There are more ticks and they are in more places than ever before. And where there are ticks, there is tick disease, increasingly so. We do protect our pets from Lyme and other assorted serious tick diseases: 1) Check your pet daily 2) Buy veterinary products (not randomly online or at big box stores) 3)... Read more »

Veterinarians Are the Best Resource

Veterinarians Are the Best Resource
“Just wait,” warns Dr. Ernie Ward of Calabash, N.C. “Those ticks are just waiting for a big rain, wherever you live, to emerge. Because of the mild winter, and then hot and dry spring, ticks have been out in waves.” The tick season began as early as April in parts of the Northeast, and it... Read more »

Steve Dale: Tick Diseases in Dogs

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Whoa! If you believe tick season is over – you are mistaken! Even in somewhat cooler places like Minnesota and Wisconsin, ticks are prevalent through October (unless there are multiple hard frosts), and for sure in Illinois, most of the midwest, lower southwest and for sure the norrtheast. Truth is ticks are found in all... Read more »