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Indoor Cat Is Offended by Outdoor Cat

Indoor Cat Is Offended by Outdoor Cat
Q: A few months ago, I found a skinny, sweet cat on my deck. Now, Spot comes around for food, and we’ve provided a bed and shelter.  But Spot never comes inside because our 9-year old cat Prince wouldn’t stand for it. As it is, Prince gets very upset when Spot appears; he yells and... Read more »

Reader Questions/Answers: Beer Drinking Dog; Chewing Dog; Cats Friendly or Not, Cat Pees in Sink

Reader Questions/Answers: Beer Drinking Dog; Chewing Dog; Cats Friendly or Not, Cat Pees in Sink
Q: Our dog, Molson, likes beer, especially the foam. I don’t see a thing wrong with that. He’ll sit in my lap and share a cold one. My wife thinks I’m sick. What do you think? — S.H., Cyberspace A: As a guy, I’m in your camp. We share beers with our best buddies, at... Read more »

Catching Up on Pet Books: A Dog's Journey to a Comphrensive Cat Book

"Codi's Journey: An Inspiring and Heartwarming Story About an Amazing Best Friend," by Jeff Maziarek (Simple Spirit Enterprises, Villa Park, IL, 2010; $15). Jeff didn't plan on this new best friend; it just seemed right, though. The lessons learned taught Jeff about himself, and served to strengthen their bond. Their relationship was intense, fun and loving, but time has a way of marching on. As age and illness began to catch up, Codi may have slowed down but continued to teach important lessons. Jeff's best friend and teacher was a dog named Codi. This memoir will resonate with anyone who's loved and lost a dog.
A lifetime journey with a dog of a life, a great training book to enhance your relationship with your pup, a cat book that has it all – and much more. Check out a half dozen recent reads:

The Complete Cat's Meow, A Conversation with Darlene Arden

Can you tell dog and cat behavior consultant Darlene Arden has been in New England for too long…. Clam Chowder She says, a group of cats is a chowder. Cat Clowder Ok, maybe that is not what she says. But you can listen to my conversation with Darlene. Having authored arguably the definitive book about... Read more »

WLS On Demand Podcast: All About Heart Disease, the Truth About Cats, Cat Adoption and a Conversation with Fred Winston

Listening to the Steve Dale’s Pet World podcast free and it’s easy…just click HERE and then click play….and be ready to hear really good information about cats and dogs, about heart health, cat adoption and cat care. Darlene Arden is a dog and cat behavior consultant who happens to be an expert on small dogs... Read more »